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We at Epicle are honest and sincere to our customers blended with moral ethics of our team.


We provide new products and services to our customers to improve efficiency in their business.


We provide complete support for the products we build and maintain them to satisfy our customers.


With honesty and truthfulness, we are able to work with our customers to provide quality and competitive services.

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We are glad your are visiting our services, Here is a tip on how to request for a service, on your right there is a button named request a service, 1.Login 2.Click the button 3.Select a service from the list. 4.Add notes and submit. Note for some services a charge may apply. Thanks

Epicle is providing 360 software development services all over the world, some of our services are hourly (50 USD), monthly and contract professional services. For more about services call +256775738177 (whatsapp) | +256700353436 or send us an email at nowamaninorman@gmail.com

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Rest API Development

We develop all types of APIS to be consumed by all types of applications for our customers.

Payment Integrations

We avail a professional team that helps in technical integration of all online payments systems.

Research and Innovations

We carry out research in higher level institution to harness and promote young innovations

Security assessment and forensics

e periodically check for vulnerabilities in your IT systems and business processes.

Network and Infrastructure Development

e design secure network structures for organizations and design applications.

Software and User acceptance testing

We bridge the gap between vendors of software and carryout software testing.

Software and hardware maintenance

We sell and manage enterprise software from a variety of professional vendors.


We create visual content to communicate messages to our different customers across the globe.

Software Integrations

We integrate different monolithic systems into a single operational system for our customers.

Software <br> Development

We develop and distribute professional software that makes business management easy.


Find a fully operational application from our product catalogue, who knows it could solve your long time problem. Note we offer customization of our products to meet your requirements at no extra cost. Our products are designed to automate and simplify your business processes.

All our products are offered at 20 % discount if you initiate a request from our website through contact us form.

File Backup management system

A system that automates the backup creation and management process with your organisation.

Online document management system

A system that enables users receive, track, manage and store documents easily.

Online Voting and Opinion poll System

A software platform that allows groups to securely conduct elections and voting.

Online Medical service system

A platform that easies access to patient records, test results and practice guidelines.

Sacco Core Banking System

A system that offers your SACCO members more convenience to carry out all banking activities.

Rental Management System

An application for front desk operations, housekeeping, occupancy management and payment processing.

The Technologies We Use.

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Frequently asked questions

Epicle developments a number of software products which can be tried by all potential customers. In order to test our products, go the home page and look out for product you want, click on the product and you will find a request demo link. Follow the link to try out our products.
The donations made to Epicle are used to continously support the development and maintainance of the software products of the customers. The donations are also used to run the daily activities of Epicle as well as support the Epicle team financially.
Joining the team is as easy as submitting your application to our company email <b>sales@epiclesys.com</b> or visiting our company located at Plot 2183 Esseri Building Kayondo Road Ntinda Karinabiri.

Our Blogs

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Epicle - Opening day

Epicle is a ICT Company that deals in software developments and automation of business processes at affordable prices with a wide range of other IT related services.

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The benefits of working with Epicle.

Epicle is providing innovative services, processes and products to a wide range of customers with integrity, responsibility and a great deal of trust.

Feb/18  |  Arnold

Requesting for a product demonstration.

Epicle develops a wide range of in-house software which can be tested by our potential customers by requesting a demo through our website.

Jul/21  |  Nicholas

Why donate to epicle Limited.

When you donate to Epicle, you help the company develop high quality software products through hiring highly experienced software developers and engineers.